On Being Childlike

A sense of wonder is a pretty good sign of spiritual well-being. 

Having a childlike heart is essential to seeing things as they really are. Jesus said that unless we turn-that is, have a change of heart, think differently or change our minds- and become like little children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We must become like little children.

Children are tender hearted. They forgive and forget. They are quick to believe. They are not jaded, they are not loaded with the baggage of cynicism and skepticism. They see the world with eyes of wonder, ready to see and believe for another miracle.

Children see angels. I have grandchildren that see them regularly. The picture above is of some of my grandkids playing in a livestock tank I bought for their swimming pool. They can play in that thing all day! Two of them have seen an angel in the pool playing with them. I hear that, and my first thought is, O God, open my eyes to what is real!  Soften my heart so I can see too!

Think about how children always know when to dance. To not dance is something they have to learn, something that is shamed into them. One time, I heard a preacher say that the moment he gave His life to Christ, he was told to go sit down. Heaven itself was rejoicing, but the adults in the room had a program to run. Go sit down.

What the heck? 

It happens to us. We lose that childlike wonder. It is mocked out of us, life beats us up, and when we should celebrate, we are told to sit down and shut up.

Runaway Train is a sad song from the early 90s with haunting lyrics. It is accompanied by a video that shows the faces of runaway and missing children. It’s powerful!  Part of the song lyrics are:

Can you help me remember how to smile?
Make it somehow all seem worthwhile
How on earth did I get so jaded?
Life’s mysteries seem so faded

Mercy, Lord, save us all from being jaded people who have lost our sense of wonder.

That is one of the reasons I love, love, love hearing God stories,.They always awaken me afresh to a greater reality. What is Unseen is greater than what is seen.  

Psalm 19 has a passage that says: The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. I listen to testimonies, stories about God stepping in,  and think, Pay attention Jeff, listen like a child, with clean ears and a heart eager to believe. Wisdom comes this way!

Our western mindset wars against this. We must be logical. Practical. Sensible.

Why on earth are we so afraid of being fooled, when it is far more dangerous to have a heart that is hardened, unable to believe and receive?

Jesus said “Take care then, how you hear”. 

It is essential that we listen to God stories with a heart eager to believe!.

This is an example of what listening well looks like:

When we were living in Kansas, we had a weekly house church. One evening after we had worshipped for awhile,  I was talking about times I have seen people healed in an instant. There was a young lady in the house who was there for the very first time.. As I was talking, she suddenly pointed at our bookshelf and blurted out, “I can read that word”!  She was looking at all the titles of the books I had on a shelf, and kept exclaiming, “Oh my God, I can read that word too”!

Come to find out, she was severely dyslexic. She was completely healed by listening well to God stories. Her heart was so softened she just simply believed, and she was healed without anyone even praying for her.

I learned the next day that when she got home, she woke up her whole family and told them what God had done for her. They were so excited, they threw a big party to celebrate the next day!

That is childlikeness.

When we hear an account of Heaven invading Earth, it is an invitation to step into God’s reality. To do so requires becoming like a little child. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!








3 thoughts on “On Being Childlike

  1. I have struggled with Matthew 18:3 “unless you become childlike, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” My childlike wonder had been squashed probably since the time I learned how to walk. These last couple of years I have worked at peeling off the layers of shame from my childhood to finally discover the one who was loved before I knew how to love.

    I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 2003 but theology left my inner spirit in the wilderness until 2015 when I learned how to communicate with Jesus. It was an activation of His spirit that connected to my spirit with a visual of us on the beach. Since then, Jesus and I communicate through visuals or from hearing His voice. He shows me how to be childlike and walk with blind faith.

    I have yet to see an angel. Perhaps I have one more layer to unpeel around my heart to make it softer. I am surrounded by church people who see them regularly. I am not sure if I believe I am worthy to witness such a mystery from Heaven. Thank you, Jeff, for this much needed topic.

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