Stepping Up

The first time I saw someone healed-like, right in front of my eyes-was in 1996.

Have you ever seen a father showing his little boy how to swing a baseball bat? He’ll stand close behind him, reach around him, and get his hands on the bat too. Someone will lob a few slow pitches, and the Dad will swing with his son at the ball.

That’s how it was for me the first time I prayed for someone to be healed..

One Wednesday evening after Bible Study at church, a man named Bruce came up to me and told me his wife was in the prayer room, wanting me to pray for her.

When he and I walked into the prayer room, I just stopped. The Presence of the Lord was in that little room. I looked at Bruce-a no nonsense Baptist kind of guy-and said, Whooa! God’s in here!  Bruce looked at me with big eyes and nodded, Uh-Huh.

There was a group of women in there, all gathered around Bruce’s wife.

Pat was having a lot of back pain, and wanted me to pray for her. I thought, Ok…but why me? I’ve never done this! 

I nodded ok, walked up to her, and started praying the lamest prayer ever. God immediately healed her back, but I just kept praying away, cluelessly.

It was my very first swing of the bat. I had no clue what I was doing, but my Heavenly Father wanted me to get in the game. He had everything set up. He had His hands on mine when I swung at the ball. Heck, He even lobbed the pitch for me. He swung alright, but I got to swing with Him.

Healing is important to the Lord. Jesus healed all who came to him, refusing no one. He has provided for our healing with the brokenness of His own body. Healing is so important to Him that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gift of healing. The prayer of faith is a powerful thing.

If you have healing stories, I would love to hear them!





5 thoughts on “Stepping Up

  1. Love that analogy – that is always something you excel at, using comparisons to illustrate principles. This one was spot on – could feel it as you wrote. Great stuff, Jeffrey.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    In 2017, God pursued me in my time of brokenness. I was not confident discerning between His voice or my thoughts. When I followed His direction with blind faith, I was relieved with a victory that demonstrated His purpose. The more He pursued me, the more I acknowledged His voice and followed His lead. I was terrified when Jesus had told me in advance that someday He would use my hands to heal others. I was doubting Thomas and believed it was my own thought because God used healers that were serious Christians. I forgot about my disillusioned thought until on April 1st, God did not fool around. He landed me at the right place and time and asked me to pray over someone who had tinnitus of the ears. I argued with God not wanting to look like a fool. God is gentle and doesn’t push. I could not dismiss His invitation. I stood behind this individual and asked God to emptied my emotions and fill me with His spirit. My body shook and teardrops disclosed my fear. I did not appear as a confident Christian who would heal someone. I thought could God love me this much to use me for His purpose; to bring heaven down to earth? I was no longer in my head but in my inner spirit. After I prayed, the ringing dropped from ten to five. We did one more round and the ringing dropped down to like a three. My faith is still a growing process. There are days I forget I own a bat that can be shared with Jesus; days I know I have a bat but forget to use it; days when Jesus and I swing the bat together. Those are the best days when I know Jesus is the I Am and I am His. Thank you, Jeff, for allowing other ordinary people to have a place to land Truth.

    1. Paula I do remember you and your brother. If he remembers me, he will remember a bout that was pretty rough. Send him my apologies! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing a little bit about your faith journey. I would love to connect, I reckon we have here to some extent:) I live in NC right now. Are you still in New York?

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