Healing Story #2

This is another short, sweet healing story.

In 2008 Lori and I were living above our coffee shop in El Dorado Kansas. One evening in the apartment, we were hanging out with our son Paul, his wife Chelsea, and their friends, Levi and Robert.

Levi’s sense of smell had never been right, and that affected his sense of taste too. We gathered around him and began to pray, believing that the Lord wanted to heal him.

As we were praying, Levi said, Wow, all of a sudden I smell a really sweet fragrance!  I can remember telling him it was probably the fragrance of the Lord!

At that moment, Robert said, I feel a tingling sensation in my foot. 

No one was touching Robert. We were all praying for Levi.

Robert sat down and took off one shoe. He said, Hey, I have an arch in this foot!

I remember thinking, So?

Robert said, I was born with one flat foot, and have always had to wear a special shoe on this foot.

It was amazing. Just 5 regular people praying for a guy to get his sense of smell healed. Levi-to this day-has a normal sense of smell and taste. Robert-to this day-wears normal shoes on both feet.

I have seen other people healed the same way Robert was. Just people gathered together, either praying for healing, or just talking about times they had seen the Lord heal people. Faith rises in the room, and the Lord just touches people.

True story! I was there, and am still friends with both of them 12 years later.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this story because the healing was not about a performance or expectation. In the secret place, He doubled the miracles because the atmosphere was set and hearts were open to receive and believe in His love. Thanks, Jeff!

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