Healing Story #3

There are times the  atmosphere of Heaven is so strong that people get healed without anyone actually touching them or praying for them.

Our friends Bill and Linda Campbell have a ministry in Uganda. Their mission base is filled with the sound of young people singing for joy to the Lord, and on our first night there we saw someone healed like this.

A young man named Anthony had been been born with a speech impediment. That evening, Anthony was simply worshipping Jesus when he felt something happen. Suddenly he was singing perfectly.

The story gets better:

Anthony went home. He began to speak to his wife, it was dark, and at she first does not believe it is him. She began to touch his face, asking, Is it really you? Anthony, Is it really you? It was indeed. Then he went in and woke his children up and sang songs with them, songs they could understand perfectly. They asked, Daddy, is it really you?

My friend Tony and I were jet lagging big time, and sound asleep the next morning when we were awakened by whistling and singing. Anthony was bringing us clean towels early that next morning, and he was so happy, so excited, and he was speaking to us plainly.

He said, My children! They are so happy! My wife is so happy! They keep touching me and asking me, “Is it really you? I can sing songs with my children and pray with my children for the first time!”

That is a true story. Saw it with my own eyes.

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