Healing Story #4

I prayed for deaf boy in Nicaragua one time and nothing happened.

Here’s the story:

I went to Nicaragua in 1999, and we were in a church one Sunday morning in Managua. The time came for our team to pray for people. A boy who had been born deaf was there, so I made a beeline to him and began to pray.
And nothing happened. I was so disappointed!

Two months later my teenaged nephew went down with a youth group. They went to the same church, and the time came to pray for those that needed prayer. This group of teenagers prayed for that same 14 year old boy.

He was instantly healed.

I love this story.

How did this boy react? He ran out of the church screaming. Suddenly, for the first time ever, his world was full of sound, and his reaction was just so pure and childlike.

A doctor that I know personally was there, a man named Jim Phillips. He gave the boy a hearing test after they found him and got him calmed down. He had perfect hearing.

And that is a true story!

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