It’s All True


Sometimes, Heaven preempts our dreams.

Every night, our brain has its regularly scheduled programs of collating and house cleaning. Occasionally, the Lord interrupts so He can reveal things to us our conscious mind might never receive. There are many examples of this in the Bible.

It’s a wonderful mystery, but I know it’s true.

My friend had a dream, and it came on the Father’s Day just after her father died. I have found myself thinking about it ever since.

When I heard this dream, it deeply affected me. I felt the hope inside of me blaze brighter. You see, I knew this man, and even more, I have benefited greatly from the influence he’s had. He mentored some of the most influential men in my life. Like him, his family is known for the gentle grace of Heaven on their lives.

I shared this dream with my sister out in Washington State. It impacted her as well.

The very next day my sister was standing beside a young Amish woman in a little bakery. The young woman was in tears, and naturally,  my sister asked if she was ok.

This young mother  just lost her twin baby girls, and she was definitely not ok. My sister embraced her as she wept, and listened compassionately to her story. Afterwards she shared the dream with her.

Here’s the dream:

My friend saw her father walking up to her. He had been in Heaven. He looked young and handsome and strong, and his countenance was beautiful. He walked up to her, and with a radiant smile said three simple words:

“It’s all true.”

Then, he turned and walked up a staircase towards Heaven.
The dream ended there.

When my sister shared this dream with that young Amish woman, it immediately affected her. My sister watched this grieving mother’s countenance turn from inconsolable grief, to  hope.

For the first time, really, she allowed herself to truly believe God’s goodness. The hope of seeing her daughters one day was suddenly real in this young mother’s heart.

Listen: Jesus is who He says He is, and He really has prepared place for us. I hope you know him today.

Because it’s all true!


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  1. It was great to read a story today that warmed my heart. Thank you for sharing– it’s been awhile. As writers, we try to avoid using “all” but this was the story where it made all the difference. The power of words; three simple words gave me hope. Paula

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