Jeffrey Miller’s Writings


As you read these stories, you’ll find that many have a strong supernatural element. The Father’s House Stories in particular have stories of miracles and divine intervention.  They are all true, as I experienced them. God had something He wanted to do, and we had the privilege of being a part of it. As a friend of mine said, I just happened to lean on the right door, and it swung wide open.

One story is about a dying little boy who was healed in an instant from double pneumonia. It is a powerful account of God intervening. Absolutely amazing.

Other stories are true, but I did take artistic license with them. Atsu and the Angel is a true story. Yes, that little boy had an angelic visitation just as I tell it, but the parts about his day leading up to that I just made up, making a story that we could enter into easily. Stories like Baking Bread, and Nicodemus, are based on some of my favorite characters in the Bible. They are good stories.

I hope these stories not only increase your faith in, and love for Jesus Christ, but that they inspire/provoke you find the right door for you to lean on. As another friend says, be on the lookout for those “serendipitous moments” the ones where you know God is up to something, and it just might be an invitation for you to join Him.

I also have stories from my days growing up in Red Hook, New York. I actually laughed out loud writing some of them.



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